Taxation can be a major cost to you or your business. We will work in partnership with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives.

At Crown Accounting Pty Ltd the Tax Advantage  we provide a complete service for individuals and for small business. Just some aspects are:

  • Negative gearing
  • Salary sacrifice & FBT planning
  • Research & Development
  • Primary Producer concessions
  • Small Business Concessions
  • Capital Gains Tax Concessions for small business
  • Buying & Selling a business
  • All PAYG FBT GST BAS PSI PSB etc compliance obligations
  • Advice on and implementation of tax effective trust structures for asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Management of any ATO Audits or disputes

We belive very strongly in getting your business structure right up front. To plan for ultimate sale. Its too expensive with capital gains tax and stamp duty to change structures later on. And the right structure helps with asset protection and estate planning.

 Our taxation consulting division is extremely well trained with continual professional development requirements, which means we can offer advice based on proven training, knowledge, systems and experience. Our proactive approach ensures we deliver a consistent service and build solid relationships which stand the test of time.

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