Crown Accounting Pty Ltd is an authorised corporate representatives (449598) of Weraton Consulting Pty Ltd (AFSL 442840) and we can assist you with a variety of risk insurance products which can protect you and your family.

 Categories of risk

Risk needs can be categorised into three broad areas:

• The need for life cover,

• The need to protect your ability to earn an income, and

• The need to make provision for lifestyle adjustments due to illness, injury or impairment.

What are some of the uses for Life Cover?

• It can be used to settle debt, outstanding loans and other financial costs in the event of death.

• It can pay out a lump sum that can be used to provide financial security for loved ones when the life insured no longer can.

• It allows business partners to continue running the business without added capital strain.

Preparing for the inevitable is preparing for life!

What are some of the uses for Trauma cover?

• Crisis Events such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer happen without discrimination.

• Physical impairments, such as the loss of use of arms, legs or eyes, could change your lifestyle completely.

• When an unpredictable event happens, there is an immediate need for financial help.

• Peace of mind when you are at risk from family medical history.

Making sure that when lifestyle adjustments are made, there is cover.

What are some of the uses for Income Protection cover?

• To provide an income when you cannot earn one because you have become disabled or severely ill.

• To ensure that business continuity is catered for even when you, the owner, can no longer run the business.

Get paid an income – even when you cannot earn one!


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