Business Health Check & Profit Improvement Calculator

Just how strong is your business? What needs to be done & to make it more profitable and more valuable? What's your profit improvement potential? What systems do you have in place? How dependent is it on you? Would it survive without you? What challenges do you face? What challenges does the industry face? What plans have you got to get ahead of your competitors?

Or are you bogged down in day to day matters?

At Crown Accounting Pty Ltd the Business Advantage  we see business owners just focussing on dat to day matters  time & time again. 

As a one-off exercise we offer a fixed price service on the principal areas that need improvement. We visit  your premises for up to a day, and then give a comprehensive report to you. A report that you can focus on. And that includes running your figures through our Profit Improvement Calculator.

If industry comparisons are available, we'll also benchmark your business.

In fact we're so confident of finding business management issues that we'll refund your fee in full if we don't. Guaranteed.

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Our Accounting services are solely dedicated to helping small to medium businesses with all the paperwork and forms that are needed.


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Your business not as profitable as you want? What's more important - Cost cutting or growing revenues?



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BE COMPLIANT in every way. Modern business demands information which is up to date and accurate. What you can measure you can manage...