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Whether you:
- export now  
- are thinking about exporting,
Talk to us about how to maximise your success. First, why an export plan is absolutely critical.  Second,  how an Export Market Development Grant can work for you.   
The Export Market Development Grants Scheme will pay up to $150,000, annually. The Scheme reimburses up to 50% of certain export marketing expenses that promote Australian goods, services, industrial property rights and know-how.   The key to success in obtaining the grant and in leveraging the funds, is to plan for the expenditure and ensure that systems are in place to support any claimed expenses.

Fees for EMDG preparation and lodgement are charged as a percentage of the grant received.

We will help you develop export plans, that ensure markets are identified, distribution and logistics are considered and international rules are known.  Administration and financial planning are also important.  The plans aim to maximise export sales with effective organisation and business structures. We will help access financial support for export plans, from the state government . We  provide the planning skills to assist you to develop your business.

Generally, export plans are conducted on a project basis. The projects ,ay be supported with 50% cost met by the state government, for companies that meet the criteria - over $1M in revenue, profitable and NSW based.

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