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Personal Tax Documents Checklist   


First time?
Depending on the package you choose, we'll need as a minimum:

  • Last year's tax returns
  • Spouse name, date of birth,  Tax File Number and separate net income
  • Dependant Names, dates of birth, separate net Income
  • List of major personal assets & liabilities, approximate market values & acquisition date.
  • List of personal insurances
  • Personal financial goals
  • Copy of investment plans, if any


Do you need to bring any of the following? This isn't exclusive, more might arise in a meeting:

This isn't exclusive, more might arise in a meeting:
  • PAYG Payment Summaries from your employer/s
  • Passbooks, cash management accounts, and/or bank statements . Did you open or close any accounts? Any joint accounts?
  • Dividend statements showing franked & unfranked dividends, and imputation credit .
  • Did you buy or sell any shares?
  • Details of rental income earned and expenses relating to property.  Annual summary from your agent, plus land tax, insurance travel etc that you might have paid.
  • Did you buy or sell property?  If so copies of settlement statements. How old is the property?
  • HECS/HELP  Statement from the Australian Taxation Office 
  • Spouse separate net income
  • Dependants separate net incomes
  • Receipts, invoices, diary entries/log book or odometer records for your vehicle. How old is the log book?
  • Travel receipts and/or diary
  • Receipts or diary records of your laundry/uniform expenses
  • Receipts or diary records of your self-education expenses
  • Any receipts or notes regarding other work related expenses
  • Receipts of donations
  • Receipts of expenses of managing last year tax affairs
  • Government Allowance Statement or Payment Summary 
  • Non-Government Pension statement or payment summary
  • Details of foreign income, tax paid and expenses incurred 
  • Annual Statement from Health insurer
  • Detail of medical expenses/refunds received
  • Annual summaries of your distributions from managed investments
  • Details of payments to your investment advisor
  • ETP Payment Summary
  • Details of asset acquired/sold and expenses incurred
  • Details of other income received
  • Details of any self education expenses 
    If you're not sure, bring it & we'll discuss it. If we don't know, we can't include it. 

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