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The Business Advantage Packages

Plus Package  
Getting you in control of your business. Do you make decisions without accurate information?

We'll show you how to measure your business performance. How to get better control of your business with basic management tools.  
Enabling you to make better discussions. Guaranteed!

Business Development Package
There are just four ways to grow any business.  What's your profit improvement potential?  Strategies to improve profit, cash flow, and make your business more valuable.

   All of the Plus package plus the non-financial  strategies such as team training, market  positioning, helping you develop customer service strategies.   All to an agreed process with agreed outcomes. Measured every step of the way!  Guaranteed!   read more     

Looking for ways to run a better business?  
Your business not as profitable as you want? What's more important - Cost cutting or growing revenues?   

What are the 4 ways to grow any business?
We help you determine your goals,  and show  you how to achieve them. What's your goal?   
Every business is unique. Your skills are unique. So too must be the solutions. Ask about our fixed price business health check.

Looking to buy a business?  Or start from scratch? Ask about our investigation, valuation & audit services.

The team at Business Advantage can help you  build your business, as much or as little as you need. We're so confident in our methodology, we'll guarantee it!

And Business Advantage also provides a premium, full service offering - reminders, quarterly meetings, some extra management reports to help you make better management decisions. There's a variety of tools available, we'll tailor these to suit you. And of course, it includes everything that Books Advantage, Accounts Advantage, & Tax Advantage offer.

Not sure which what's best? Fill in our Menu of Services & email it to us.

Best of all we offer up to 1 hour free consultation reserve your free appointment now or contact us now by phone or email

Our premium Business Development Package where we use MAUS business systems and  is much more than a business plan. It's a multiphase project to engineer your business so that it achieves the outcomes you want. Stage 1 is a planning session based around a Business Development Questionnaire. It finishes by pulling together everything identified in a Management Control Plan - a plan you will by then already be using integrate that with MAUS HUB which will keep you and your staff accountable.

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Accounting & Tax

Our Accounting services are solely dedicated to helping small to medium businesses with all the paperwork and forms that are needed.


Business Planning & Advisory

Your business not as profitable as you want? What's more important - Cost cutting or growing revenues?



Bookkeeping Services A-Z

BE COMPLIANT in every way. Modern business demands information which is up to date and accurate. What you can measure you can manage...