Books Advantage FAQ's

1.Why hire a bookkeeper? 6. Who does the Business Activity Statement?
2. What does a bookkeeper do? 7. My last bookkeeper made a lot of mistakes. Why will you be different?
3. What's the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant? 8. What about payroll?
4. Where is the work done? 9.  Are you insured?
5. Can I trust my records going offsite? 10.I bought MYOB (or Quicken, or any other package) and my fees went up, not down. Why?

Why hire a bookkeeper The books have to be done every three months for the Business Activity Statement. Someone has to do them. Either you do them, someone does them in-house, or you outsource. There's no other option. If they aren't done correctly, it costs time & money to fix. Every time. So get someone with training & experience. It really will be quicker & cheaper in the long run. And it frees you up to concentrate on your business.

What does a bookkeeper do A professional bookkeeper will take on many of the tedious tasks such as data entry, reporting, and reconciliation. A professional bookkeeper can also organise paying bills, debt collection, superannuation etc. Depending on your level of service, a professional bookkeeper can almost be your office manager.

What's the difference between a bookkeeper & an accountant? There is often an overlap both in the functions, and the expertise and qualifications. Normally a bookkeeper will focus on day to day data entry, whereas a qualified CPA or Chartered Accountant can provide tax advice, prepare financial statements, tax returns, and provide business assistance. Services offered vary widely.

Where is the work done? Either at your premises or ours. No Contractor takes it home.

Can I trust my records going offsite? First, we're bound by rules of privacy and confidentiality. Second, your records are always returned to you. Lastly, we have strict security over access to our computers, and it's a good idea to have a backup offsite anyway.

Who does the Business Activity Statement?  We can lodge or your accountant can, it doesn't matter.

My last bookkeeper made a lot of mistakes. Why will you be different? We're accountants, who have gone back to bookkeeping for just those reasons. To get it right. We understand the GST laws. We know what's needed. Still not sure? Check our guarantee.

What about payroll?We can help you, or do it for you. We understand issues with contractors, directors fees, superannuation choice, allowances, fringe benefits tax etc.

Are you insured? Most certainly. Advantage Partners carries extensive professional indemnity insurance, to protect clients in the event of a negligence claim. But we haven't had a claim since day one in 1988.

I bought MYOB (or Quicken, or any other package) and my fees went up, not down. Why? It's a situation that happens too often. Read more


We recommend you seek specific advice about your specific issues. The information here is necessarily general in nature and neither purports nor is intended to be advice on any particular matter that is appropriate to your circumstances.

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