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Business Documents Checklist

First time?
Depending on the package you choose, we'll need as a minimum:

  • Previous year's accounts and tax returns including bank reconciliation, trial balance, list of debtors and creditors,
  • Franking account if a company
  • Previous year's Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements
  • copies of company Constitution, Trust Deed , partnership agreements
  • Copies of all finance/operating leases, rental and hire purchase agreements
  • Copies of all investment acquisition documentation 
  • List of assets used in the business, reconciled to depreciation schedule
  • Statutory file if a company or trust
  • Business plans or marketing plans


Do you need to bring any of the following? We'll have most of what's needed as a result of your Business Activity Statements. More might come out of our meeting. 

  • End of year Stocktake, & method of valuation
  • Details of stock taken for personal use
  • Data entered in MYOB, Banklink, or other package. Email preferred to printouts. If none prepared, Photocopies of Bank statements with details of each transaction written alongside. 
  • Copies of new finance/operating leases, rental and hire purchase agreements.
  • All investment documentation (i.e. share purchases/sales, dividend statements).
  • Details of accounts payable and accounts receivables.
  • Any new borrowing loan documentation.
  • Details of any funds you've contributed to the business.
  • Details of any loan repayments  you've made to yourself.
  • Loan agreements for any directors loans. 
  • Details of personal use of business assets (i.e. motor vehicle).
  • Details of personal assets used for the business (e.g.  mobile phones, home office, motor vehicle).
  • Details of any asset purchases & sales during year.
  • Motor Vehicle Logbooks
  • Copy of PAYG payment summary.
  • Copies of credit card statements where used for the business, incl personal cards.
  • Details of all salary & bonus agreements with staff, including fringe benefits.
  • Details of contractors paid. 
  • Super Choice details for new employees.
  • Breakdown of your superannuation, and employees.
  • Details of other income, if the business ran at a loss.
  • If only a few customers/clients, breakdown of income from those clients.    

Do you have your own superannuation fund? We'll need: 

First time?
 We'll need as a minimum:

  • Prior year's accounts and tax return, as far back as you can go
  • Include auditor's opinion with accounts for previous year
  • Trust deed  and all amendments
  • Statutory file with all minutes
  • Signed binding death nominations if any
  • Member's records
  • Investment strategy
  • Copies of all investment acquisition documentation
  • ATO compliance letter


Superannuation Fund Document Checklist 

  • Photocopies of Bank statements with details of each transaction written alongside. 
  • All investment documentation (e.g.. Purchase & sales, dividend & investment statements).
  • Evidence of market value at year end 
  • Details of contributions and rollovers i.e. who they are for, and paid by whom
  • Details of any benefits paid during the year.    

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